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2016 CTCL - T20 Weekly Report - Wk11

Author: Manoj Gangwar
Date submitted: Sep 27, 2016

2016 CTCL - T20 Weekly Report - Wk11

Spartans Vs Denver Dangers
Dangers won the toss and elected to bat.
Dangers started off poorly loosing early wickets and were 15/3 in first 5 overs. Later Ravi Kiran Chinagandham along with Shiva Kumar built a partnership and played well to reach 45/3 in 10 overs. After break Dangers lost wickets periodically and were allout for 94 in 19.1 overs. Dangers batsmen Ravi Kiran Chinagandham played well for his 33(42). Spartans bowlers Kishore took 3 wickets, Avinash and Sonthosh Kumar took 2 wickets each. Special mention has to be made about a catch Charan took on the mid-wicket boundary leaping and catching with one hand. This is something we only get to see in IPL or international match.
Chasing 95 runs to win Spartans lost their first wicket in the first over but Charan played aggressive shots and took off the pressure and were 25/1 in 5 overs. Trying to up the scoring Charan went for a pull and was caught at the boundary and that led to Chaitanya to the crease. Starting from ball one Chaitanya went for big shots and took Dangers attack apart. In 8th over he hit 3 huge sixes and a four. Overall Chaitanya scored 60*(21) scoring 48 runs in boundaries (6 sixes and 3 fours). This could be the fastest 50 in the league scoring 50 runs in 17 balls.
Chaitanya 60*(21), Charan 15(15) and TK 16*(31) were the notable scorers. Spartans chased 99 in 11 overs and won convincingly.
Chaitanya for his 60*(21) runs was awarded man of the match.
Spartans won the game with 9 overs to spare.

Chennai Warriors Vs Challengers
Match started on time.
Chennai Warriors won the toss and choose to bowl first.
CCC were off to a bad start and lost their first wicket in the first over of the game. After which wickets started to crumble and CCC were unable get back into the game. At 10 overs, they were 22 for 8.
Srikanth gave a lifeline for CCC by hitting some sixes and was looking dangerous but was eventually beaten by a toe breaking Yorker from Senthil. He was bowled out and he was top scorer for CCC team scoring 16 runs from 13 balls. After that the tail enders were also dismissed quickly and didn’t trouble the scorers.
Chennai Warriors target was 44 from 20 overs.
CCC started off brightly taking wickets from the beginning and they provided a little scare to Chennai warriors. Chennai warriors were struggling at 15/4 at 6.1 overs. But brilliant counter attack from Kangesh hitting 17 runs off CCC captain Shivakumaar’s over ensured that Chennai warriors won the game.
Chennai Warriors won with 6 Wickets in hand.
Highlights of the match:
Senthil CW taking 3 crucial wickets for Chennai warriors.
Srikanth (CCC) Spirited innings even though wickets were crumbling the other end.

Kangesh (Chennai Warriors) was awarded MoM for scoring 22 runs and taking 1 wicket.
Both teams played with good spirit.

CSU Rams Vs Foco Devils
It was a warm sunny afternoon in Longmont and it was about get hotter for the meeting between the CSU Rams and Foco devils. Welcome to Battlefield 3.0! This was the third meeting between the two rivals, the two previous ones conquered by the CSU Rams. This encounter much rather a battle proved to be the best of the lot and the one that had drama, never die attitude, tragedy, laughter, everything that you could ever hope for in a game to have those salacious sweet taste buds of cricket in you be satisfied! This chapter had more to throw at you than the previous two. So grab a bag of popcorn and sit back and enjoy what is about to follow.

Foco Devils believed they treated this like any other game and that the past did not matter. But deep down it was to gain back that sense of dominance over the hometown rivals, to prove that they still are in the mix regardless of the past. They won the toss and they already thought the battle was half won given that CSU Rams had beaten them twice before chasing. The vacating sun behind the backdrop fading into darkness that has caused so many problems before while fielding and especially bowling was considered as a petty iota of an issue. Foco Devils couldn’t be much more pumped and they sense that this was their day, a day to turn a new leaf in the long chapter that is going to be! They carried that into their bowling with Abhinav and Saurabh restricting the Rams’ openers Mani and Shashank to just 1 run from 1.5 overs. At the end of the second over, tragedy struck for the Rams as Mani was bowled by Abhinav. Sagar Chandra came in to crease earlier than he anticipated. In the fourth over, Abhinav bowled another peach of a delivery to get Shashank bowled and the score only read 3. Kalyan came in and he did not stay long either when he was caught courtesy of a fielding change from Abhinav. The score only read 10 and the Rams had lost 3 wickets in almost 6 overs. Sridhar Reddy came in and him and Sagar who was still at the other end not having had much strike planned to be at the crease till the end of the innings. And they seemed to be doing that well when Sridhar pulled a slow ball from Saurabh to the boundary. He looked in good nick but an inside edge onto the stumps in the following over from Kaustubh spoiled their day’s plans and the Rams lost their 4th wicket for 18 runs at the end 8 overs. Aditya came in next and didn’t trouble the scorers ad he lofted one over the infield only to be caught by a running Abhinav. The score now was 21-5 and Sridhar C came in and the end of 10 overs, Rams were only 25 having lost half their side. Sagar and Sridhar upped the ante a little as they started scoring at almost more than 4 per over after 10 overs. Sagar made sure he did not give away his wicket and managed to make sure Sridhar did not as well. Everything seemed to go well but Sridhar gave away his wicket cheaply giving an easy catch to Anuj when the score read 49 at 15.3 overs. They managed to put on a partnership of 28 and stabilized the Rams innings. Vihari came in and he made his intentions clear as he tried clearing the boundary off the very first ball. Few balls later that led to his demise as he was caught on boundary by Abhinav who seemed to be everywhere for the Foco Devils. Sagar still remained in the crease and was pinching away 2s and 3s but got run out doing so by a throw from the boundary by Abhinav again. Sagar came in at the end of 2nd over and stayed till almost the end of the innings scoring 33 off 45 balls with just 1 boundary. He was a symbol of calmness even though wickets were falling at the other end, knowing what a big match this was and how much a victory would mean for him and especially his Teammates. Sagar Bijjam with his beautiful knock of 15 from 12 balls including an amazing heave on the long off boundary made sure Rams reached 76 which was a respectable score considering Foco Devils had managed a score of 60+ in their previous two meetings.

Foco Devils got off to a reasonable start considering they were under pressure. Abhinav and Gandhar reached 6 in 1.5 overs when Gandhar hit a good length ball hard, straight to Sagar Chandra off the bowling of Sagar Bijjam. The next over, they lost another wicket as Abhinav tried to take a second run which was a bad idea considering the monstrosity of the Rams’ fielding. Srivatz throw caught Abhinav gaping and the Foco Devils lost their second wicket for 6 on the scoreboard. Swapnil and Phillips were in the crease and they steadied the ship with Swapnil taking to the Rams’ well-known bowling. They managed to reach 38 when Phillips was brilliantly caught by Vihari off the bowling of high-flying Chaitanya at the end of 8 overs. The run rate of Foco Devils was more than necessary and they still had 7 wickets in hand. They had no reason to lose. They could might as well see the horizon and bask in their glory at this point, with Swapnil still high flying and two-thirds of their side to still be part of this run-chase. With desperate need of wickets, Vihari introduced Srinivas Reddy back into the attack and boy did he deliver! Swapnil trying to heave an off side ball to leg side edged the ball and gave a catch to Sridhar Reddy standing by the slips. Rams were elated at this point to having got his wicket and still at the prospect of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. This was the turning point as they all started to believe in themselves and were just not ready to give up the mantle over to the Foco Devils. Please note the score at this point 47-4 in 9 overs. They needed just 29 in 11 overs with more than half their side. In came Kaustubh, a left-hander, with Saurabh at the other end, a left-right combination would prove to be to their advantage, especially in this pressure situation. But that wasn’t to be as Chaitanya bowled a superb dipping ball which got Saurabh bowled. The very next ball, Anurag gave a catch to the bowler himself, Chaitanya and the Foco Devils were now 53-6. Rams were so pumped at this moment that the amount of testosterone and adrenaline running through their bodies were through the roof. The very next over, Anuj was run out due to a mix up and anyone could have been run out at that point, but fate decided it was Anuj who had to go back to the pavilion with Kaustubh still in the crease. The score was unmoved i.e., 53-7 in 11.2 overs. In came Prathamesh who flew all the way for this game alone. He and Kaustubh got the Devils closer to the target with the score reading 66-7. This was when controversy decided to have a looksee, maybe feeling it was sidelined or being left out from this epic encounter having been part of it for the past two games between the two. Two balls prior to the controversy, Kaustubh in what seemed like a clear nick was waived off by the umpire after he went to consult with the square leg umpire. But at the end of 12th over, Kaustubh nicked one again to the keeper and the umpire again was unsure this time and went over to the square leg umpire to double check and declared out. In came Aakib and yes there was still the beautiful game of cricket yet to be concluded. Amongst all this chaos, the score was 66-8 with Devils needing only 11 runs to win with almost 7 overs to spare. They needed just less than 2 runs per over. Aakib and Prathamesh took the score to 73 when Aakib was caught by Vihari again off the bowling of Sagar Bijjam who took the ball from the captain when there was team discussion as to who to bowl with everyone second guessing themselves. Devils now needed only 4 runs with only one wicket in hand. Prathamesh was still in the crease and Srivatz was given the ball and it proved to be a master class. The drama is yet to begin! That’s correct! Karan was in the crease with Prathamesh and all they had to do was to put bat on ball and take singles. For almost one over, there was no run and when Srivatz bowled a good length ball, Prathamesh connected it with all his might and the sweet sound off the bat meant the ball was on its way to clear the boundary and with its clear Rams’ record over the Devils and bring glory to Foco Devils. But call it God’s grace as the Rams would like to call it or just Prathamesh not having timed the ball as well he thought as the Devils would like to think, the ball just did not seem to go over the boundary, as though being biased towards the Rams and stubborn enough to make itself decelerate as it made its way to the boundary. Srinivas was waiting on the boundary as the whole ground was remained completely silent as Srinivas had the whole hearts of the Rams and even the Devils per se in his hands. Maybe that made it difficult for him to make room for the catch in one go as the ball popped out of his hands and so did the hearts of everyone on the ground. Maybe that was a blessing in disguise as the ball now could make its way into Srinivas’ hands and with it, the victory to the CSU Rams. Rams jumped in elation as Devils kneeled down in disappointment. This humdinger of a match had all the emotions, drama and at the end one had to come out on top and the other had to look back on what could have been. CSU Rams won the derby for the third consecutive time as Devils would be absolutely disgusted with themselves as they imploded when it mattered and let the victory slip away. CSU Rams showed the perfect illustration of the Never Say Die attitude.

Sagar Chandra was awarded the Man of the Match where the Rams won by just 3 runs but what prevailed was the team victory as the bowling and the fielding made the Rams victorious towards the end. This match was surely closely followed by every other team in the league and they can nothing but squirm in their seats at the thought of facing CSU Rams in the playoffs! CSU Rams were slowly ascending but now they can only LEAP & RISE to the sky!!

Jaguars Vs KCC
KCC won the toss and elected to bat first. Jaguars continued with their tidy performance with the ball not giving away easy runs. Mukesh was determined to preserve his wicket while Bipesh looked to cut loose. However, Bipesh was caught by NKP at deep mid-wicket in the 3rd over. This was followed by some sloppy running between the wickets by KCC and Mukesh & Parag were run out. Harsha (28) and Mohan (29) steadied the innings for KCC and took the score from 22 to 64. Except for Shiva (10), none of the other KCC batsmen could contribute much and the KCC innings. Thanks to some poor catching by Jaguars, KCC was able to make most of the second-chances and finally posted a score of 96 while batting out the entire 20 overs.
96 was a relatively easy target for the fast outfield of the Erie ground. And, yet again Jaguars had a terrible start losing 1 wicket in the very first over and 2 more in the second over with the score reading 3/5 before the 2nd over was actually complete. KCC started fancying their chance at the very first win of the season. Amit T and Venky played sensibly and ensured that no more wickets were lost. The duo built a partnership of almost 60 runs when Venky was finally out trying to go for a big hit off of Parivartan. Ravi went back before opening his run account when Parivartan struck again on the next ball. Shanthi played responsibly with Amit and they helped Jaguars cross the target with a 4 of the 1st ball of the 18th over.
MoM: Amit Thakar (33 NO)

Anchors Vs Immortals
Day: Sunny and cold at Denver.
Toss: Won by Bharat from Anchors and decided to field first.
Excellent bowling from all the bowler’s, Anchors took control of the game in the first 10 overs. All the bowlers from Anchors bowled to the field and line length. As a result they kept getting wicket’s in regular intervals. Pick of the bowler was Prasad, a veteran in the league, bowled with genuine pace and picked 3 wickets. Other bowlers supported Prasad well in tandem. With a discipline bowling performance Anchors restricted Immortals for 69 runs. From batting perspective all Immortals players contributed to their score.
Anchors lost their first two wickets early and were in deep trouble with Navneet picking both. Excellent catching and fielding efforts was seen. New bowlers were given a chance at the top of the order and they all contributed well. Somehow to lose their wicket every time the situation seemed comfortable. The batmen were maintaining an appropriate run rate which kept us in the game. The middle order played as per the situation and kept their composure with authentic cricketing shots.
Prasad was adjudged MOM with 3 wickets and 15 runs.
Both teams played the match in good spirit. Umpires too were very supportive and considerate of a late start. Thanks to both teams for making the event a success.

"Jaguars" Colorado Tennis Cricket League T16 Champions  
Das Thumma - CTCL highest wicket taker  
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