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You are here: Home » Scorecards » CTCL 2017 T16

CTCL 2017 T16 Scorecards


Team: Anchors XI | Aspen Cricket Te | Aspen Cricket Te | ACC | BCC | Buffs | CCC | Chennai Warriors | CMCC | Crazy Cricketers | CSU Rams | Denver Gladiator | Denver Lions | DOYLE GROUP IT C | DoyleGroup-IT | Eagles | Falcons | Foco-Devils | Immortals | Hawks | Jaguars | KCC | Pikes-XI | RCC(T) | Rising Stars | SCC | Scorchers | Scorpions | Spartans | VCC |

Week: 0 | 4 |


0, 0000 Aspen Cricket Te at CCC AT0Up5
0, 0000 VCC at Foco-Devils FGXyYw
0, 0000 Jaguars at Pikes-XI zamHj
0, 0000 DoyleGroup-IT at Crazy Cricketers r3BsX
Mar 18, 2017 Falcons at Scorchers Scorchers(74/5) won over Falcons(73/10)
Mar 18, 2017 BCC at RCC(T) RCC(T)(91/4) won over Denver Danger(89/5)
Mar 19, 2017 DOYLE GROUP IT C at Spartans DOYLE GROUP IT CRICKET CLUB(103/7) won over Spartans(71/8)
Mar 19, 2017 Denver Lions at Anchors XI Anchors XI(86/8) won over Denver Lions(82/10)
Mar 19, 2017 Denver Gladiator at KCC Denver Gladiators Cricket Club(109/8) won over KCC(79/6)
Mar 19, 2017 Buffs at Scorpions Scorpions(101/4) won over Buffs(100/10)
Mar 19, 2017 ACC at Immortals Immortals(116/7) won over ACC(107/10)
Mar 19, 2017 Rising Stars at Hawks Hawks(99/4) won over Rising Stars(97/6)
Mar 25, 2017 Scorchers at RCC(T) Scorchers(123/7) won over RCC(T)(94/6)
Mar 25, 2017 Scorpions at Eagles Scorpions(32/3) won over Eagles(27/10)
Mar 25, 2017 DOYLE GROUP IT C at Hawks DOYLE GROUP IT CRICKET CLUB(109/6) won over Hawks(106/7)
Mar 25, 2017 Denver Gladiator at Buffs Buffs(67/2) won over Denver Gladiators Cricket Club(66/8)
Mar 25, 2017 VCC at Aspen Cricket Te Aspen Cricket Team(68/9) won over VCC(66/10)
Mar 26, 2017 KCC at Jaguars Jaguars(48/1) won over KCC(47/10)
Mar 26, 2017 Denver Lions at CSU Rams CSU Rams(84/10) vs. Denver Lions(84/5) - Match was Tied
Mar 26, 2017 SCC at ACC SCC(83/2) won over ACC(79/10)
Mar 26, 2017 BCC at Chennai Warriors Chennai Warriors(143/6) won over Denver Danger(44/8)
Apr 2, 2017 Scorpions at Denver Gladiator Scorpions(142/3) won over Denver Gladiators Cricket Club(99/10)
Apr 2, 2017 Falcons at CMCC Falcons(72/4) won over CMCC(71/10)
Apr 2, 2017 Immortals at CSU Rams CSU Rams(76/10) won over Immortals(69/7)
Apr 2, 2017 Scorchers at CCC Scorchers(84/5) won over CCC(83/8)
Apr 2, 2017 Anchors XI at ACC Anchors XI(135/6) won over ACC(93/10)
Apr 2, 2017 Jaguars at Eagles Jaguars(111/7) won over Eagles(48/8)
Apr 2, 2017 Rising Stars at DOYLE GROUP IT C Rising Stars(96/6) won over DOYLE GROUP IT CRICKET CLUB(95/8)
Apr 2, 2017 SCC at Denver Lions SCC(105/6) won over Denver Lions(79/10)
Apr 2, 2017 Anchors XI at ACC acc
Apr 8, 2017 BCC at Falcons Falcons(58/5) won over Denver Danger(57/10)
Apr 8, 2017 Scorchers at CMCC Scorchers(64/2) won over CMCC(59/10)
Apr 8, 2017 Immortals at Denver Lions Immortals(147/4) won over Denver Lions(140/8)
Apr 8, 2017 Eagles at Buffs Buffs(76/3) won over Eagles(74/6)
Apr 9, 2017 CSU Rams at ACC CSU Rams(52/4) won over ACC(51/10)
Apr 9, 2017 DOYLE GROUP IT C at VCC DOYLE GROUP IT CRICKET CLUB(88/3) won over VCC(85/8)
Apr 9, 2017 Aspen Cricket Te at Rising Stars Aspen Cricket Team(158/6) won over Rising Stars(55/10)
Apr 15, 2017 Scorpions at KCC Scorpions(61/1) won over KCC(60/10)
Apr 15, 2017 Chennai Warriors at RCC(T) Chennai Warriors(96/8) won over RCC(T)(95/6)
Apr 15, 2017 Aspen Cricket Te at Hawks Hawks(46/2) won over Aspen Cricket Team(42/10)
Apr 15, 2017 VCC at Spartans VCC got walk over against Spartans
Apr 15, 2017 Aspen Cricket Te at DOYLE GROUP IT C Aspen Cricket Team(122/7) won over DOYLE GROUP IT CRICKET CLUB(88/10)
Apr 16, 2017 Scorchers at BCC Scorchers(120/4) won over Denver Danger(69/10)
Apr 16, 2017 SCC at Immortals Immortals(91/7) won over SCC(73/8)
Apr 16, 2017 Buffs at Jaguars Jaguars(105/6) won over Buffs(84/9)
Apr 16, 2017 Chennai Warriors at Falcons Chennai Warriors(125/4) won over Falcons(81/8)
Apr 22, 2017 Hawks at VCC No Result
Apr 22, 2017 Chennai Warriors at Scorchers Scorchers(85/6) won over Chennai Warriors(80/9)
Apr 22, 2017 Jaguars at Denver Gladiator Jaguars(113/7) won over Denver Gladiators Cricket Club(85/9)
Apr 23, 2017 KCC at Eagles KCC(80/7) won over Eagles(78/6)
Apr 23, 2017 VCC at Rising Stars VCC(74/10) won over Rising Stars(72/10)
Apr 23, 2017 CMCC at RCC(T) RCC(T)(61/1) won over CMCC(55/10)
Apr 23, 2017 SCC at CSU Rams CSU Rams(72/6) won over SCC(44/10)
Apr 23, 2017 CCC at BCC CCC(81/6) won over Denver Danger(79/10)
Apr 30, 2017 CCC at RCC(T) RCC(T)(64/1) won over CCC(63/10)
Apr 30, 2017 Rising Stars at Spartans Rising Stars got walk over against Spartans
May 6, 2017 Anchors XI at SCC Anchors XI got walk over against SCC
May 6, 2017 Falcons at RCC(T) RCC(T)(86/6) won over Falcons(85/7)
May 6, 2017 Denver Lions at ACC Denver Lions(110/8) won over ACC(99/7)
May 6, 2017 CMCC at BCC Denver Danger(175/8) won over CMCC(121/5)
May 7, 2017 Buffs at KCC KCC got walk over against Buffs
May 7, 2017 Scorpions at Jaguars Scorpions(40/3) won over Jaguars(39/10)
May 7, 2017 CCC at Chennai Warriors Chennai Warriors(146/6) vs. CCC(46/3) - Match was Washed Out
May 13, 2017 Denver Gladiator at Denver Lions Denver Lions(67/4) won over Denver Gladiators Cricket Club(63/10)
May 13, 2017 ACC at Buffs Buffs(86/6) won over ACC(85/9)
May 13, 2017 DOYLE GROUP IT C at Chennai Warriors Chennai Warriors(80/6) won over DOYLE GROUP IT CRICKET CLUB(79/10)
May 13, 2017 Immortals at Jaguars Jaguars(82/6) won over Immortals(81/10)
May 13, 2017 Falcons at VCC VCC(75/9) won over Falcons(74/10)
May 14, 2017 CSU Rams at KCC CSU Rams(107/4) won over KCC(51/10)
May 14, 2017 Rising Stars at CCC CCC(130/3) won over Rising Stars(49/10)
May 14, 2017 Aspen Cricket Te at RCC(T) Aspen Cricket Team(87/7) won over RCC(T)(71/10)
May 20, 2017 RCC(T) at Buffs Buffs(104/2) won over RCC(T)(100/8)
May 20, 2017 Chennai Warriors at Anchors XI Anchors XI(110/7) won over Chennai Warriors(105/9)
May 20, 2017 DOYLE GROUP IT C at Denver Lions DOYLE GROUP IT CRICKET CLUB(91/8) won over Denver Lions(61/10)
May 21, 2017 VCC at Immortals Immortals(103/4) won over VCC(99/6)
May 21, 2017 KCC at CCC CCC(87/4) won over KCC(57/10)
May 21, 2017 Hawks at Jaguars Jaguars(86/6) won over Hawks(83/10)
May 21, 2017 CSU Rams at Scorchers Scorchers(88/8) won over CSU Rams(45/10)
May 21, 2017 Aspen Cricket Te at Scorpions Scorpions(123/7) won over Aspen Cricket Team(73/7)
Jun 3, 2017 CCC at DOYLE GROUP IT C DOYLE GROUP IT CRICKET CLUB(72/4) won over CCC(71/10)
Jun 3, 2017 Scorchers at Anchors XI Scorchers(101/7) won over Anchors XI(84/6)
Jun 4, 2017 Scorpions at Jaguars Jaguars(87/3) won over Scorpions(66/9)
Jun 11, 2017 DOYLE GROUP IT C at Immortals Immortals(80/8) won over DOYLE GROUP IT CRICKET CLUB(78/10)
Jun 11, 2017 Scorchers at Jaguars Jaguars(67/5) won over Scorchers(66/10)

2017 CTCL T-16 Points Table
Team P W T L NR Pt

No games recorded at this time.


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